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Creating flat patterns has never been this easy, elegant and powerful.

Dart Manipulation has never been this powerful and easy!
• Multiple darts can now share a single apex.
• Apex Offset allows to finish complex tasks quickly.

Watch the video on youtube to learn about working with Darts in White Rabbit CAD!

In Action

Slash & Pivot

Dart Transfer

Extract Patternpiece

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Tools & Features

White Rabbit changes the world of pattern design.

Introducing a new paradigm for user interface and interaction, we're bringing the directness and freedom of working on paper into the digital world, so you may create your own workflow with the full power of the computer.
  • Tabs
    Unlimited Tab system, including Lightbox functionality.

  • Tools & Units
    Lines, Curves, Arcs, Circles and Text. Units [cm, mm, inch, fractional inch] can be switched at anytime.

  • Modifiers
    Move, Move Point, Rotate, Scale, Mirror, Trim & Extend, Clone and Subdivide.

  • Pattern Tools
    Extract Patternpieces, Add Markings, Cut, Dart Transfer, Slash & Spread, Slash & Pivot.

  • Finishing Tools
    Seam Allowance, Buttons, Buttonholes, Notches, Grainline, Labeling, Images, Textures

  • Snap & Align is ever present via choice of mouse button, GUI toggle and hotkey.

  • Zoom & Pan at any moment, even while drawing or adjusting elements.

  • Undo & Redo work virtually on everything with only few exceptions.

  • Output

    • Print
      All major paper formats are supported. Automatic Page Layout across multiple pages where needed. Single Page Overview.

    • Print to PDF
      Creates a PDF based on your print settings.

    • Export PNG
      Exports an image of your visible pattern with lossless compression.

    • Export DXF
      Exports vectors in DXF format. Still a rudimentary implementation, but fully functional.

    • Export SVG
      Exports vectors as SVG image. Includes options to optimize for target applications.

    Special features

    • Tailor Curves
      A new take on French Curves, which allows swift and precise definition of classic flat pattern curvatures.

    • Tracing Import
      Unprecedented Tracing Features, allowing to import and align images (like photos) directly and easily to tools for exact dimensions right away.
      Lightbox function to adjust visibility.

    • PDF Import
      In addition to image import, you can import PDF documents, crop and arrange the pages and drop the resulting combined image into the drawing area for tracing.

    • Unit Switching
      At anytime you may switch measuring units, automatically converting even from and to fractional inches.

    • Image Import
      Additionally to labeling, you can add images- like your logo- and place them on your patternpieces.

    Screenshots from macOS [El Capitan]

    • Framework and basic block of a dress...
    screenshot 1 of dress framework screenshot 2 of dress framework
    • Dress pattern drafted from basic block...
    screenshot 1 of dress model screenshot 2 of dress model


    Creating flat patterns is a beautiful, yet, complicated mixture of art and engineering. A tool should support the process rather than adding another layer of complication to it. White Rabbit CAD is made with that in mind and won't get between your ideas and the lines to show them.

    There are a number of different tasks associated with working on clothing patterns. White Rabbit CAD supports as many of them as possible to become a one-stop-solution for most situations. From creating patterns from scratch to tracing and reworking existing patterns, from printing them in a variety of ways to archiving them and even preparing patterns for sharing, there may be little to no need to involve any other application in the process.


    macOS version:
    NOW Catalina ready!

    Version 1.0.144
    • print handling
    • bezier curve handling
    • patternpiece handling

    • auto select drop
    • auto zoom out of sight


    Version 1.0.143
    True Dart:
    • correct leg length
    • cap darts
    • works on patternpiece
    • works on framework

    • auto align to darts

    Seam Allowance:
    • Fold Edges
    • Massive Improvements

    • write/paste notes
    • save notes with project

    ...and much more:

    Version 1.0.140

    • one point joints
    Dart Manipulation:
    • shared Apex works
    • Apex Offset
    Tools & Polygons:
    • convert line to curve
    • delete point
    • reworked
    • works in Demo

    New Video
    Dart Manipulation

    New Pin

    New Video
    Exporting to SVG and DXF

    Version 1.0.138

    Export Improvements:
    • true curves
    • DXF units
    • SVG scale

    Other Improvements:
    • GUI design
    • small fixes

    • tutorial cursor

    Version 1.0.137

    New Export Features:
    • export to DXF
    • export to SVG

    Other Improvements:
    • GUI optimizations
    • small fixes

    New Video
    First Look: Timelapse of a Model Draft Example

    Free Demo Version

    ◄ Get it now! ☺

    New Video
    First Look: pattern extract

    New Video
    First Look: Timelapse Basic Pattern

    macOS version is released.

    macOS version will be released tonight.

    v1.0.135 update

    Optimizations for
    ► printing
    ► hotkeys
    ► GUI interactions.

    In Action

    Slash & Pivot

    Dart Transfer


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