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White Rabbit CAD


Drafting Flat Patterns With Ease

The #1 cross-platform CAD software on planet Earth that is actually a joy to construct garment patterns with


  • Intuitive Drawing-Based Drafting
  • Measure, Trim and Subdivide Curves
  • Extract Pattern Pieces
  • Slash & Spread/Pivot
  • Dart Transfer & Truing
  • Innovative Grading
  • Export Layered Vector Based PDF
  • Import SVG, PNG and PDF
  • Over 100 Mini-Tutorial Videos included
...and so much more!

in Action

Example videos of working with White Rabbit CAD


Creating flat patterns is a beautiful, yet, complicated mixture of art and engineering. A tool should support the process rather than adding another layer of complication to it. White Rabbit CAD is made with that in mind and won't get between your ideas and the lines to show them.

There are a number of different tasks associated with working on clothing patterns. White Rabbit CAD supports as many of them as possible to become a one-stop-solution for most situations. From creating patterns from scratch to tracing and reworking existing patterns, from printing them in a variety of ways to archiving them and even preparing patterns for sharing, there may be little to no need to involve any other application in the process.
year of the rabbit special
  • Year-of-the-Rabbit
  • Annual subscription model
  • 240€/year
  • save 30% monthly
export obj
  • Export pattern pieces as OBJ files
  • Easy integration with 3D garment applications
  • Control level of detail
  • Arrange pattern pieces for export on the fly
  • Set units and scale as desired
  • Create gradings using leap values, variables and formulas
  • Freely create gradings based on two sizes
  • Interpolate or extrapolate to create size nesting
  • Set styles for each nested size (independent saving/loading of styles)
  • Use grading feature as design tool
PDF export
  • Generate Layered Vector Based PDFs
  • Easily create and name layers and assign selected elements to them
  • Set all relevant meta data
import PDF
  • Import layered PDFs
  • Use our visual assembler to reassamble and crop page based PDFS
  • Generate an image to use as backdrop and/or save as PNG or JPeg
  • Save/Load PDF assembler project
  • Fully functional in Free Demo Version
Color Themes
  • Color Themes
  • Classique - our signature theme for working in relaxed inspiration
  • Dorian - for a more neutral focus and clarity
  • Switch at any time for instant change
  • Language packs
  • Currently included are English, French, German and Spanish
  • Languages can be edited and added at any time
  • Switch at any time for instant change