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System Requirements
System Requirements RAM HD Space min. Screen Resolution
Windows 7 (64 bit), 8.1 and 10 1Gb 300Mb 1280 x 800
MacOS 10.11 or higher 1Gb 400Mb 1280 x 800

List of Features
Metric Millimeter (mm)
Metric Centimeter (cm)
Inches Decimal
Inches Fractional
Untis can be changed at anytime with automatic conversion
Drawing Features
General Settings
Set Width for chosen drawing element
Set Dashes for chosen drawing element
Set Color for chosen drawing element
Snapping & Locking
• all start-points, end-points and handles can be snapped to any element
• Holding Shift allows compass locking by steps of 45 degrees
• Holding Shift allows locking to snapped elements tangent by 90 degree increments
Drawing Tools
• set End-Point X,Y coordinates
• set Line-Length
Bezier Curves
• Mode: Tailor - handles on center of curve
• Mode: Cubic - handles on ends of curve
• Set Length - keeps ends in place and alters curvature to fit desired length
• set Radius
• set Circumference
• set Number of Sides
• set Inner or Outer Radius
• set Side Length
• set Width
• set Height
• set Radius
• set Length (along circumference)
• set Degree to end-point
Notches (under Finishing)
• 8 Styles
• set Length
• set Width
• Attach to Element via Snapping
Set Font Size
Set Font Family - any installed font on system
Set Font Color
• Text Orientation: horizontal or vertical
• Text Style Options: Bold, Italic
• Text Background: Filled or Transparent
• Select All Text Elements on current Sheet
Modification Features (Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs)
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs, Text: Move
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: Move Point (symmetry option)
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs, Text: Rotate
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs, Text: Scale
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs, Text: Clone
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: set subdivision break distance from start
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: set subdivision break distance from end
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: set subdivision on middle point
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: set subdivision on unlimited manually set break points
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: set subdivision divided into set amount of segments
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: Auto subdivision by element crossings
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: subdivide by splitting
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: subdivide by placing marks
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs, Text: Mirror over drawn axis
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs, Text: Flip over drawn axis
Trim & Extend...
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: Trim any element to any element
Lines, Bezier Curves, Arcs: Extend any element to any element
Selection Features
click select
box selection
expand selection
group selection
select all
invert selection
Patternpiece Selection (see patternpiece context menu)
select seams
select markings
select all
Measure Tool
Measure freely
Measure along lines
Measure along curves
collect measurements
Extract Record Mode
○ auto detect chosen surface areas by single click
○ continue to collect surface areas
○ automatically merging adjecent surface areas
○ collecting unlimited amount of separated surface areas
► extract collection into one patternpiece
Extract Options
• Connect - automatically close gaps smaller than 0.5 mm
• Autocut - automatically break lines at crossings
• Include Markings - cuts and extract marking lines on surface
• Add Markings - manually select markings to add to extraction
add selected markings to active patternpiece
remove selected markings from active patternpiece
remove all markings from active patternpiece
slice patternpiece into multiple new patternpieces
Cut Option
• delete original patternpiece after cutting
apex based dart selection
intuitive leg selection (fixed and pivoting leg)
selection and transfer of darts with shared apex
Dart Options
• transfer dart by percentage
• transfer dart to desired intake distance
• transfer dart by desired intake closing distance
• transfer dart by desired opening distance for target dart intake
• offset apex manually along dart center
• offset apex by desired distance along dart center
Slash and Spread patternpiece by chosen lines
Spread Options
• set spread distance
• add only elements of sliced patternpiece to sheet
• Simple - slash and spread patternpiece into slices
• Pleat - create pleats between slices
• Box Pleat - create box pleats between slices
Slash and Pivot patternpiece by chosen lines
Pivot Options
• set spread distance at start of slice lines
• set spread distance at end of slice lines
• swap start and end distances
• add only elements of sliced patternpiece to sheet
• Simple - slash and pivot patternpiece into slices
• Pleat - create pleats between slices
• Box Pleat - create box pleats between slices
Modification Features (Patternpieces)
Move - reset possible
Rotate - reset possible
• create clone and mirror over drawn axis
• flip over drawn axis
Patternpiece - Context Menu
Add to Sheet
Remove from Sheet
Set Color
Get Color
Select Seams
Select Markings
Select All
Reset Position
Reset Rotation
Reset All
Patternpiece - Global Context Menu
Lock Pattern Polygon
Add all to Sheet
Remove all from Sheet
Delete unused
Delete all
Finishing Tools
True Dart
• apex based dart selection
• leg based dart selection for shared apex of multiple darts
• real time visual fold direction choice
• real time dart intake closing in fold direction
• real time seam truing for uneven legs with choices: longest, shortest and average leg length
• works on pure elements and patternpieces
Fold Out
• Single & Double Fold Out
• real time interactive width adjustment
• real time edge selection
• works on pure elements and patternpieces
Custom Grading
• works on Groups or Patternpieces
• drag or numerically set offsets for elements (similar to Move Point)
• define connected edges for combined modification
Grading Tab
• input name for set anchors
• numeric input for point offsets (x,y)
• activate Anchor Set to set anchors
• remove all anchors
• activate Measure Mode to measure while grading
Variables opens popup to enter and apply variables and formulas to offset points
• reset or remove entire grading
Nesting Tab
Repeat input to set number of nestings to generate
Style opens up popup to set Styles for nestings
Extrapolate to extrapolate nesting generation
Interpolate to interpolate nesting generation
Clear to clear previous nestings (of session)
Finishing Tools exclusively for patternpieces
Seam Allowance
• set base margin
• set independent edge margins A, B, C, D
• fully editable seam allowance elements
• 14 styles of buttons
• set diameter
• set color
• snap at center
• 7 styles of buttonholes
• set length
• set height
• set color
• snap at center
Notches (Now are tools)
• 8 styles of notches
• set length
• set width
• set color
• drag based application to set origin and direction
• set notch to snap to origin or end of dragged line
• snap on element to attach itself to it
• 5 styles of arrowheads
• single or double headed
• set arrowhead length
• set color
• drag based application
• 2 styles of drillholes
• set drillhole diameter
• set color
dart mode apex based dart selection
dart mode leg based dart selection for shared apex
dart mode automatic center guideline to manually set drillhole
dart mode set drillhole offset from apex
Extras - Fold Symbol
• 6 styles of arrowheads
• interactive width adjustment
• interactive length adjustment
• interactive edge selection
• set arrowhead length
• set color
• automatically adds project- and patternpiece info
• set text alignment left or center
edit mode fully editable text table
edit mode set row spacing
edit mode independent choice for font, size, color and style per text line
edit mode add or remove lines
• remove label
• add label
• add image to patternpiece
• load any Jpeg or Png image
• set image orientation: portrait or landscape
• align image with transform tool
• choose texture for selected polygons of patternpieces
• 7 default styles
• set color
Papersizes: DIN A4, DIN A3, DIN A2, DIN A1, DIN A0, US Letter and (PDF)custom size
offers grid in case multiple pages are needed
select pages: all pages or manual selection
printsizes: Actual Size or Overview (automatically scales display to fit one paper)
• include fills (optional)
output to printer
output to PDF (Vectors or Images)
Images will create an image based PDF
Vectors will open popup to create and manage PDF Layers and Meta data

New (creates new project)
• opens projects (.hop)
Open Recent - list of recently loaded or saved projects
• import PNG/JPG opens popup Image Manager
• ...Load images
• ...save images
• ...discard images
• ...Invert image
• ...Set Background drop into sheet background
• import PDF/HPA (.pdf, .hpa)
• ...PDF Import Settings popup opens after having chosen a file
• ...set DPI
• ...choose pages to load
• ...Import (or Cancel)
• ...PDF Assembler popup opens after hitting Import
• ...load another PDF
• ...load Assembly (.hpa)
• ...save Assembly (.hpa)
• ...change DPI
• ...choose layers (if layers are present in PDF)
• ...drag and drop rearranging of pages
• ...adjust crop
• ...Crop to crop all pages
• ...Set Background drop into sheet background
Save As - opens file explorer to save project
Save - saves project directly, if possible and desired
Export to SVG
• set export resolution in DPI/PPI
• include colorfills (optional)
• scale linewidth (optional)
Export to DXF
• set export units (mm, cm, inch, point)
Export to PNG
• set scale factor (100% is default)
• preserve transparency - sets background transparent and maintains element opacities
Exit Program

Select all
Cut (into clipboard)
Copy (into clipboard)
Paste (from clipboard)

Show endpoints (optional)
Show direction (optional) displays arrows on elements, showing their direction
Orientation Frame - addes frame into background of sheet for orientation
• frame orientation: Portrait or Landscape
• papersize: all print paper sizes (DIN A4, A3, A0 and US Letter) and Custom Size
• set Width (in chosen units)
• set Height (in chosen units)
• centered in drawing area (optional)
• show frame (optional activation)
Show Snap-Button (optional)

Inch Fractions - set minimal inch fractions from 1/2 to 1/64
Auto Select Dropped Patternpieces
Set Window Size - sets the actual window size to exact dimensions
• set width (pixel)
• set height (pixel)
• Default System Cursor
• Custom Cursor

Sheet Color
Reset Default Color
Hide all backgrounds
Delete empty sheets

Move element up
Move element down
Move element to the top
Move element to the bottom

• Round
• Square
• Butt

Size Charts
Generic Tables

Show mouse coordinates
Show mouse image (for recording tutorials)
Color Themes (Classique, Dorian)
Languages (defaults: English, German, Spanish)
Edit Language
Save Language

Video Tutorials (92 categorized mini tutorials)
White Rabbit CAD - forum (subscribers only)
White Rabbit CAD - manual
Units input reference
Default keyboard shortcuts
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