White Rabbit CAD update 1.0.140

Dart Manipulation Update for 1.0.140

Transferring Darts
Multiple darts can now share an apex on a single patternpiece. This makes it possible to distribute darts freely with all given methods. You can even merge darts together.

Apex Offset
A common technique in dart manipulation is to offset the apex. For example, the bust point usually gets offset to avoid a pointy appearance these days. In our implementation you can easily offset the apex along the center of its dart with no interruption to your workflow.

select button Converting Lines and Bezier Curves

convert to cubic button Convert Line to Cubic
Now it is possible to convert lines to cubic bezier curves, even when they are part of a patternpiece.

convert to line button Converting Bezier Curves to Lines
Of course, you can also convert curves back to lines, which helps to simplify, when curves are no longer necessary for certain sections.

Move Point movepoint button expanded functionality delete button

Delete Point
Now it is possible to delete points, automatically extending the previous tool to reach the end of the next. Currently this works reliably for lines and bezier curves, while it is not optimized for use with arcs. It is also able to modify patternpieces, while there can under certain circumstance accure some problems. But they are easily remedied.

After deleting two adjacent points on patternpiece, in some rare circumstance this can lead to problems. Instead of deleting both points in such a situation, you may just delete one of them, create a little helper line and move the other point by snapping it onto the helper line, which you may delete again afterwards.

Pattern Table new features

Lock Pattern-Polygon
By default we prevented users from potentially corrupting polygons by moving or rotating individual tools that are part of its outline. However, with the new power to have a shared apex for darts, it became useful to be able to rotate a section of a patternpiece manually. Therefore you may now unlock pattern-polygons.

Delete Unused
If you have many unused patternpieces left and you know you don't need them anymore, this will allow you to let us get rid of them for you. ☺

Delete Empty Sheets

It can easily happen that entire pattern sheets end up being empty after the deletion of a patternpiece. This feature allows the automatic deletion of all such empty sheets.

Table of Hotkeys

There will come a time, when we will implement customizable hotkeys. In the meantime we are offering a table to see all the currently preset hotkeys.

Extract extract button - Add Markings add markings button

After realizing how convenient it would be to pick selected markings during extract, we just added this feature and never looked back. You can still add markings to existing patternpieces, of course, but we're fairly certain, you will come to appreciate this little addition, too.

Other improvements...

We've also done some performance improvements, especially to the Extract feature, which now is also able to extract a single pattern polygon from loops of lines that connect only through one point. This was important for the new dart manipulation powers. It's not too uncommon, once we dive into places for one reason, we find ways to improve other aspects as well.

Another major improvement, though it may not seem like much, are our reworked editing features for cut, copy and paste. In the full version, cut and copy will capture readable data into the clipboard. You could then paste the content into another instance of White Rabbit CAD or into another project you would load or start. In the demo version, cut, copy and paste will work, too, but they will not go through the clipboard.

The road ahead remains full of excitement to us, as we realize more and more potential features to come along with those we have already planned.

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