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Forum Update...

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Oh dear, sometimes fate takes on the form of a digital kind and pushes one back on track. In this case it was another change in the world wide web that made the old forum run into a fatal error (PHP programming language changes). Thus it was finally time to get our forum back up to date.

And, what-do-you-know, it not only works again, but it solved a few other, very old troubles we just couldn't ever track down and solve. :shrug:
So, yes, welcome to the brand new forum with all the goodness in your posts still properly in tact. :beer:
Can anyone imagine how scary these things are? :? :shock: ...but a fair portion of faith, patience and daring and all will be well. :geek: :hihi:

Bravely Yours, goferish TiesOli :br: :bl:
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