Please, always update to the latest version!

Any questions regarding features, parameters or anything you wish to know, here's the easiest place for us to find and answer them. Don't hold back, we're here to help! :bl:
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Technical matters can be very dry and may require plenty of details at times. Try to describe your situation and don't get scared, when we ask about your operating system or hardware. All will be well! :geek:
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Please, always update to the latest version!

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With every new update we usually have some new features, too, but we also do our best to offer fixes to issue that might have come up after a prior release. :ugeek:

There's virtually never the risk to lose anything and you can only gain additional stability, shiny new powers and the joy of knowing that we will be able to figure out more quickly what is happening, if something went sideways.

Not to mention that you thereby take full advantage of the subscription model, which entitles you to every fresh update we release. We also have done our best to make the update installation as quickly and as easily as possible for us right now, but we continue to work on making it even easier. That will probably come with some other update down the line. :hihi: :bl:

So, by all means, download and install the latest update and feel free to ask us, if you need any assistance from us with this! :ugeek:
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