Update 1.0.140

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Update 1.0.140

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Update 1.0.140 features:

New Dart Manipulation Powers, which makes working with darts even more direct, flexible and adds stability. Not only can you now continue to split darts into smaller fractions, but we have added Apex Offset. This simplifies and streamlines dart manipulation significantly and- if you asked us- makes it even more fun, too. :hyper: See the presentation/tutorial on YouTube: Dart Manipulation

Converting Lines/Bezier , allowing you to turn Lines into Bezier curves and vice versa. This is a tremendously convenient addition, as it happens quite often that seams need to be collapsed and adjusted in the editing process. Now you can do so even on an extracted pattern piece, again adding ease and directness to the workflow.

Delete Point, as a new part of the Move Point feature, you can now activate a point (click on an end point of any line or curve) and delete it. Doesn't sound like much, but it is not a trivial feat as this will expand the first element(line or curve) to reach the end of the next element, effectively removing one element at a specified end. What makes it special is that it works on pattern pieces, again improving workflow and simplicity.
While this feature still has some challenges under certain circumstances, which we will still have to work out, we really did not want to keep it from you, because of its great use.

• Various interface related improvements from removing unused pattern pieces or empty sheets to expanded zooming capabilities. More details are on the website, of course: White Rabbit CAD - News
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