Version 1.1.0 has arrived!

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Version 1.1.0 has arrived!

Post by TiesOli »

Yes, it's been a very long time coming, but finally it is here:

Version 1.1.0

It's official now, we have grading. And it's a really special one, too, as it is so much more than just grading.
Whether you wish to go for a traditional grading system, using variables and formulas to set leap values, or you realize the power and ease of simply using two sizes and let White Rabbit create the whole nesting for you then, we believe it's likely the most comfortable grading solution thus far. This is not to say that we haven't plenty of plans to expand upon it, but the start has been made and it's fairly wholesome already.

Export Layered Vector PDF
Finally, finally, we have a complete implementation of vector based PDFs and a really friendly GUI to let you create and manage layers, add elements to them and everything it takes to export a proper, beautifully light weight and accurate PDF.

Import Layered PDFs
While we were at it, we've added the ability to conveniently load PDFs, choose pages before bringing them into our visual Assembler where you can puzzle the pages into place and you can turn layers on and off to your desire. Since it will directly render images from the pages, you'll have to hit update once you've chosen your layers to minimize waiting times. Crop them, if need be, and then it will compute one big image out of all the pages. This image you can now also save as PNG or JPeg, besides dropping it into the background of your sheets to trace over them.

We've realized that notches should not be "Finishing" elements, but act like a proper tool. However, we gave them very special powers, such that you would attach a notch to a line, for example, and it will become part of it. You can then set the exact distance the notch should have to either the beginning or the end of an element or by percentage. You can set and/or change those at any time when you select a notch with SELECT active. The SELECT user input area will then not only inform you about the notch, but allows you to change its parameters.

All of this enables notches to also grade properly with your pattern automatically.

Bezier improvements
Another big "FINALLY" has happened to our Bezier curves. Handles now understand the SHIFT key to lock directions and will make it very easy to change a curves start or end to go at a right angle from the element it was attached to, or may smoothly go in and out of attached elements. I'm making myself a nice reminder here to make more videos.

...but speaking of videos:

Over 60 mini Tutorial Videos
Olivera has made it her mission to produce videos for each and every feature along with some tips and tricks in them. While there are still quite a lot to be made, you'll find all the latest in our Help Menu neatly categorized and eager to grow more and more. :br: :br: :br:
In one of the coming updates, we'll add automatic detection of new videos so you won't have to wait for a second once we're done with one.

By the way, If you ever have any specific wish for a little video, please, never hesitate to ask!

Oh my, I almost forgot to mention, we probably have one of the craziest implementations of languages you'll ever find in any software out there. We firmly want to believe that that's a good thing! :hihi:

While you currently find English, German and Spanish as default sets, you can actually translate the software almost completely yourself by adding your own language and happily translate inside the software the software. :ud: ...and if you were to go for it completely, you better let us know! We'll work out some management of this, I imagine, in case you were interested to try it, just to avoid overlaps. But somehow I think such management system won't be too urgent. We know this is a bold thing of us to do, but it just felt like a wonderful thing to open this up to all of you. Who knows what something like this can do to our growing community?!

Oh so much more...
Today was one more massively long day for us after over a year of massively long days or ridiculously short days :shrug: ...depending on how one wants to look at it. I will have to continue with more information, also write up a proper list of improvements and fixes, but it was important to us here that we share at least some of the key leaps forward you will find in this massive update.

But rather than having to read all about it, I hope you much rather jump into it and draft away!

Again, there will come more mini tutorials, but we'll also work on developing a routine for us to create friendly casual tutorial videos for you to work along with or get inspired by. Here, too, we're asking you to let us know, if you ever had any specific wish for a tutorial or some guidance you wouldn't mind the answer to be shared with all.

Thank you for having been patient for all this time and we're absolutely thrilled we finally have all this ready for you!

Happy Drafting! :br: :br: :br:

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Re: Version 1.1.0 has arrived!

Post by Pilou »


I have made the French Translation of all White Rabbit! :beer:
UI is ready to go! Maybe with little modify but normally it's yet very usable! :geek:

And updated the French site about the V1 .1. 0 (an adapted copycat...
...not so responsive. ..i am from the old school and very old eyes! :hihi:

I have took also the post above for the Updates! ;)

All Functions are also listed! :ugeek:

I am waiting the rest of the manual for close this funny work! ;)
So some little times for adapt in French all UI images of the manual yet made!
Manual 1, Manual 2 all the manual is under the PopUp menu's Tabs! )

Have fun use of the French White Rabbit! 8-)
This Gif is an old one! ;)
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Re: Version 1.1.0 has arrived!

Post by TiesOli »

Absolutely fantastic, Pilou! :hug:
We will run this by one of my favorite French pattern artist and see, if it all makes proper sense to her! Not to mention that we really have to get more activity into the forum. :hyper:

Anyway, again, wonderful and most generous work, Pilou!
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