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Latest Windows Security

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Dear Subscribers,

the latest Windows security updates include several extra warnings and some limitations without warnings. This may affect Tutorial Video downloads!
We will address that in the next update, but for now you may have to run White Rabbit CAD "as administrator" in order to download the videos.

To set "Run as Administrator":
• right click on the White Rabbit CAD shortcut on your desktop.
• choose "properties"
• go to "compatibility" tab
• find and set true "Run as Administrator"

When you then start White Rabbit CAD, it will bring up the standard permission requester first. Click on "Yes", of course.
From then you will be able to download videos without a problem. You may use that opportunity to just download them all.
When you're done, you may change the shortcut properties again and turn off "Run as Administrator", if you wanted to.

Again, we will change this in the next update. There we will also change the Documents folder a little bit, introducing a "projects" folder to which a new install will default for the saving and loading of projects (.hop). Next to "projects" will be "examples" and "videos" or the likes. All tutorial videos will then download to that new "videos" folder.

One of the problems of having been developing software for over 25 years is that one is still used to far easier times, when users and developers could feel free to provide, interact and exchange programs and data and there was no difference in the "security risk". Today it is just as "risky", but developers are being handicapped in every conceivable way to simply provide their wonderful products and users are being challenged to receive them.

But where there is a will, there is a way. And we truly want you to have the best possible experience with our Rabbit. It's a rocky road, but we will all get there! :geek: :br:
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