Update v1.0.150 is released

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Update v1.0.150 is released

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:br: Version 1.0.150 is ready for you!

If your OS asks you to allow White Rabbit CAD to access the network or copy files, please, allow it! If you do not allow it, you can't download videos nor can you actually save images you are using in your patterns. Some anti-virus software can be hyper active, when it comes to such actions. You have trusted us thus far, don't stop now! :bl: :hug:

Since we've now included a brand new Welcome Window, listing all major additions and fixes, writing too much here may not be too necessary anymore, but I can't help myself...

Included Tutorial Videos
In the Help menu you now find Tutorial Videos. Those are not part of the install, but will have to download first. White Rabbit CAD will create a "tutorialVideos" folder in its install directory, where it will download each video into, when you want to watch it for the first time. Some OS settings may prompt you to Allow what has to be done. Always say "Yes" or "Allow" when White Rabbit CAD needs to do something. That's very important :!:

Last second improvements include an optimized downloader for the newly included tutorial videos. Very convenient!
This will allow us to automatically make new tutorial videos available to you inside the software eventually. The road for it is paved! :hyper:

New Features
We will prepare extra tutorials for the new features, which includes Foldout, Extras/Fold symbols and double headed Grainlines. Well, in fact, all the finishing tools deserve some neat little tutorials. They will still come!

Probably the most important improvement is the overall responsiveness aside from endless little polishes all over. From curious little hickups in selections to tiny weirdness here and there, we've cleaned up everything we've found. Yet, that search somehow never ends. We've stopped padding our own backs too early on those. Bunnies won't give us no rest... :br: :borg: :bl:

Again, we've opened up new possibilities and new entry points for what's to come next. But more on all that later! 8-)

We hope you enjoy the update, find the additions inspiring and quickly resume:

Happy Drafting! :tu:
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