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Forum Adjustments

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Dear Subscribers, you may have noticed that the forum looks a little bit different. "White Rabbit CAD" is now a so-called category, allowing you to see and enter all the main forums right away.

We are still exploring ways to make the forum as comfortable and as direct as possible. While there are still a few strange things we don't yet like, everything should still be working well and all posts remain in place. Let us know, if you encounter any problems.

PHP, the scripting language this forum is based on, keeps evolving and that can cause some strange things to happen. But luckily no data gets lost in the process, as mentioned already! We would not want to miss a single word of yours, as they're all precious to us! :hug:

We hope, you do like the small adjustments. This is, after all, for you above all else! :bl: :bl:
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