Update 1.0.144 is released!

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Update 1.0.144 is released!

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:br: Version 1.0.144 is released!

• Printing Tab - scaling, sheet changing, return from print job (THANK YOU, MEKA!) :tu:
...while it seemed like a small bug that snug in, it was quite a bit more and made us overhaul a number of things, securing the switching of Sheets while in the printing tab, blocking output scaling for "Overview", ensuring proper restoration of scaling after exiting the printing tab and some minor optimizations.

• Move Point with multiple bezier handles
While it seemed to be working already, it actually needed some major refinement to enable the connection of cubic beziers again and proper handling, when selecting multiple handles for modification. This now enables some really amazing things and adds a bit of extra fun, too. :D

• Settings - Auto Select Dropped Patternpieces (THANK YOU, ROBERTO!) :beer:
• Auto Zoom offsight patternpieces after selection
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