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Post by AmosG »

I love how this program has made tedious and complex projects much easier and quicker to do. Here is something i dreaded to even attempt to make in start of 2021 cause of how long i feared it would take to do with paper and the shear number of pattern pieces involved (hence high chance of errors). And at the end of 2021 i was able to make it with ease and finish the pattern in less than 2 days with not a single error. :ud: it just blows my mind how much this program has change how i view pattern drafting. Thanks white rabbit team.
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Re: Jumpsuit

Post by TiesOli »

You are incredible, your jumpsuit is incredible and incredibly adorable and you can't imagine just how happy you are making us! :bounce: :hug:
Totally brilliant! :tu:

While the upcoming grading is great for, well, grading, patterns like yours with all those styled sections may benefit a great deal from the additional possibilities that come with our implementation of grading. But we intend to add a lot more features to handle complex designs and this piece of yours is truly inspiring! :beer:

Congratulations on your first showcase post and we cannot wait to see more from you! Absolutely wonderful! :hyper:
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