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Thank You

Post by AthenessaDesigns »

I just want to thank you for not only creating this software, but continuing to update and improve it as well as creating videos on how to utilise it and being very quick to respond to questions and suggestions. White Rabbit CAD has made amazing improvement to my life and career. Just recently another designer friend handed off her patterns to me to digitize for her (since she doesn't have the time to learn) and this has opened up a completely new area of revenue I never had even considered. So once again, I just want to thank you. For everything.
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Re: Thank You

Post by TiesOli »

Oh, Ashley, what a wonderful message this is and how powerful it hits our hearts at the sweet spot and perfect time, too. I mean, that message makes any time a perfect time, hehe. :hihi: But, yes, we're working so hard right now on the next step, having to deal with so many challenges around it all that have nothing to do with the inside of it. Inside of it, however, we already have yet more improvements ready and some really progressive things in the works such as supporting projectors directly, which is tremendous fun, too.
But right now we have to work out some things to finally go into the apple store, too, delaying the cross-platform release a bit. Wild things all around.

Your message gives us the right kind of fuel and joy to tackle it all. A massive hug from Olivera and me! :hug:
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