How to grade?

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Re: How to grade?

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Fascinating. I know I've been quiet here (ren faire season started unexpectedly so that had kept me busy) but I too am finally learning to grade. I created my own sizing charts from several standards and was gifted a book called Concepts of Pattern Grading. I am so excited to see the work you have been putting into this and anticipate it's bc eventual release!
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Re: How to grade?

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Yes, it is coming! Still a few more things to wrap up, but there are some pivotal improvements all around and the grading is super exciting! :hyper:

Thing is, we desperately have to make proper videos for everything to give y'all the right head start. Especially grading is surprisingly easy to handle, but one always has to know a few little things. So, yes, it will get exciting; brand new image manager, brand new installer, too, especially also for macOS (finally a proper installer), tons of massive improvements and some fixes, new print options for custom size (pdf only for now), so much stuff, I would have to check the list, haha. But the grading is a true gem, really. You will see! 8-)
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